Enrolment Options and Fees

We offer a variety of attendance options:

Under Three Years

 This programme offers Montessori materials specifically prepared for this age group and stage of development. The programme, fosters independence, concentration, co-ordination of movement, self-confidence, social awareness, a sense of order and cognitive development. The Montessori activities encourage “purposeful engagement” in direct preparation for our Casa programme.

Under Three Years

Enrolment Fee: $50.00 payable upon acceptance of a placement.

Fees Under 3 yearsSession 8 30 – 12.306 hours 8.45 -2.45+6 hours 
Per day$32$42$58
Per 2 days$63$73 $115
Per 3 days$89$110 $158
Per 4 days $115$147$195
Per 5 days $132$163 $210

CASA Program

Within the Casa program there are three attendance options:

Morning sessions are available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12.30 pm.

A six hour option is available Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 2.45pm.

A full day option is available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

A substantial discount is offered for children enrolled five days per week to support families to maximise their attendance and so maximise their child’s potential in the Montessori curriculum.

The centre is closed for statutory holidays and for an additional period of three weeks over the Christmas – New Year period.

The educational program offered in the centres is identical for each attendance option. Children must be enrolled for a minimum of two consecutive days. A child’s progress within the program is directly related to participation. Best Montessori practice is to attend five sessions or days per week because consistent attendance in the programme creates better social cohesion and allows for successive repetition and greater independent exploration in the Montessori curriculum. If you are considering Montessori primary, your child will need to maximise attendance to attain appropriate preparation for the primary curriculum. Admission of children over the age of 4 with no prior Montessori experience is at the discretion of the Head Directress in consultation with the family.

Over Three years

Enrolment Fee: $50.00 payableon acceptance of a placement.

Our fee structure assumes you are allocating your enrolment in 20 Hours ECE to our centre.

Fees 3-4 year oldsSession 8.30 – 12.306 hours 8.45 – 2.45+ 6 hours
Per 2 days$0$0$63
Per 3 days$0$0$98
Per 4 days$0$32$126
Per 5 days$0$68$132


Fees will be charged according to your enrolment or actual attendance which ever is the greater.



If your household earns $1800.00 a week or less you may be eligible for childcare subsidy. To check if you are eligible, phone Work and Income on 0800 559009 or visit www.workandincome.govt.nz

The centres operation is based upon the number of children enrolled and the charges received. Centre overheads do not diminish if a child is absent, therefore there are no charge reductions for illness or other absences.