Admissions Procedure

Montessori Rotorua Preschool welcomes enrolments  for children aged six months to six years of age in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Certificate of License issued by the Ministry of Education.

All children enrolled enjoy access to the same benefits and services regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

No child can attend the centre unless they have completed and signed in full an enrolment form. Every enrolment must conform to the record keeping requirements of the Ministry of Education require a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport

Montessori Rotorua Preschool does not accept casual bookings.

Completion of a Change of Enrolment Form is required to alter a child’s days of enrolment and changes will be accommodated as vacancies permit.

Any child who is absent on the same enrolled day or days per week for more than half these days in a calendar month; or attends for fewer days per week than they are enrolled for more than half of the weeks of a calendar month, must reconfirm the child’s enrolment.

Two weeks notice of termination of enrolment is required on a Notice of Termination of Enrolment form.

To apply for a vacancy at Montessori Rotorua Preschool, please complete and return the attached Enrolment Form to the centre. If a vacancy is not immediately available, return of the enrolment form will secure your place on our waiting list. If you would like to visit the centre please phone 3472992 to arrange an appointment to visit. Visits are usually arranged for a Tuesday or Thursday morning.